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What can you do to boost your social media presence?

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Are you struggling to increase your followers? Is your online presence close to being non-existent?

It takes time to settle into your social media accounts. However, there might be something wrong if months go by without any noticeable improvement.

For starters, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

If you’ve answered with “No!” or “I have no idea!” to most of these questions, then you are in trouble!

Here are some beginner’s tips to get your social media strategy back on track:

Let’s start with the basics

Sometimes it is better to take a few steps back when things aren’t going well. That is why we need to clear up some essential things about social media management.

Here is what you need for successful social media marketing:

  • A plan:  Do not loiter in the social marketing arena. Arm yourself with clear strategies so you can come out victoriously.
  • A voice: Social media is a medium where you can talk less and gain more. Use it to dazzle customers with a witty, funny side and a unique voice.
  • A conversation: Your social media presence should have one main goal - to get connected. Therefore, it is important that you interact with your audience and make them comfortable.

Next up, we’ll look at the tools to help you build engagement.

Do you know what millennials are known for?

They are known to be resourceful. To demonstrate, their communication style on social media platforms are filled with tons of nifty features.

Once you establish a connection with them, you will be able to navigate social media with more ease.

Some basic tools to practice with and attempt to master are:

  • Hashtags: Depending on the social media platform, you can pepper your posts with hashtags or include them after the text or caption of your post. These work like keywords for your accounts.
  • Emoticons: Don’t act like a robot. Send some emojis and icons while responding to your followers.
  • GIFs: The latest trend in responses is reaction GIFs. They help you communicate through pop culture and memes.
  • Buttons: Make sure your followers know you can be reached on various platforms. Have the social buttons on your blogs or websites.

The only thing left now is how you’re practicing good social media

What is your social media routine?

Do not tell us it mainly consists of you posting a few links, @ing a few random followers and before logging off.

We hate to break it to you, but this leads to social media death!

It just shows your followers you are just there for the sake of being on social. Not because you care to interact with them. This is why you need to spice up the way you run your accounts.


Well, you can:

  • Hold Q and A’s
  • Do giveaways
  • Tweet random funny anecdotes
  • Comment on trends

Too much?

The Monsters at Denver Media Group can handle your social media management for you to gain followers and engagement!

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