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What do customers want in a website?

As a business it can be difficult to determine how you want a new website to flow and the information you want it to deliver. While you know your business well, it’s important to recognize the information and content potential customers will be seeking out.

What do most customers want from a website?

Clear content and contact information

Your content should always be easy to read or view. Fonts, images and graphics should reflect your business and ideal customer.

Having contact and location information clearly visible is equally important. By having this information recognizable on each page, your customer spends less time hunting and more time getting into contact you or buying your product.

It’s also highly recommended to have separate customer service information from your inquiry contact information.


Trust and security is a big deal, today, and always. Customers want to be assured their contact and purchasing information are safe when being used.

By using an SSL encryption on your website you protect your users data. Google has taken a strict stance to protect the privacy of their customers, thus sites using SSL encryptions are ranking moderately higher in SEO.


A business brag is only as good as the customer confirms it to be.

Customers are more likely to purchase a product or utilize a service when given good reviews. By asking your past customers to leave a good review or to give a testimonial for your website, you’re ensuring trust in your brand, company and products.


Your website must transition seamlessly from a desktop to a mobile device. Statistics show that more searches are happening now via mobile device than desktop. Additionally, Google has recently changed their search algorithm in favor of a mobile-friendly website.

Having a mobile-friendly website designed is a no-brainer.

Clear call to action

Each page of your website should tell the customer what they should do next.
Purchase here.
Sign up here.
Send us a message.
See similar products.

By having a clear call to action on each page, you’re encouraging the customer to stay connected with you instead of jumping ship.

Designing a new website takes time and patience, but with the help of a professional website design team like ours, we can develop a site that is perfect for you and your customers.

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