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What Do Website Design Companies In Denver CO Prefer For Website Design?

With so many platforms out there to build sites on now, what do website design companies in Denver, CO prefer to build on for their clients’ sites? Choosing between WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SquareSpace, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, and all of the other options out there can be overwhelming. We can’t speak for everyone, but when we have to recommend a new platform for a client, we almost always recommend ExpressionEngine (EE).

Why Does Denver Media Group Love ExpressionEngine?


ExpressionEngine’s EE core has never had a major security breach.  

Incredible Template Engine

ExpressionEngine’s template engine allows us to build custom templates for our clients quickly.

Powerful CMS Forms

With ExpressionEngine’s forms, we can customize the content management system (CMS) for each client so they can control their own content on their site and have custom layouts for each page or form on their site.

Because ExpressionEngine sites have no constraints on design or content modules, we can set up a site the way that it needs to be set up in order to display the content well, without having to settle for compromises or hacks.

Easy Customization

Since we’ve been working with ExpressionEngine for so long, we can easily create custom add-ons or utilize existing add-ons from the ExpressionEngine community that helps us build custom functionality into each client’s site, depending on the client’s needs.

Amazing Customer And Developer Support

If we ever run into any issues or bugs, EllisLab (the developers of ExpressionEngine) or the ExpressionEngine community is quick to help and offer solutions.

Outstanding SEO Features Built Into Platform

With the ability to define custom URLs and specify custom metadata on each page, ExpressionEngine allows for outstanding SEO. In addition, EE makes internal linking a breeze, offers an easy way to generate XML sitemaps, and provides for easy integration with Google Analytics.

Plus, We’ve Been Doing This A LOOONNNGGGG Time

We’ve been working with ExpressionEngine since it was conceived. This is the only platform we’ve found that consistently works for our sites and for our client sites, no matter the industry.

In addition, you’ll see our developers at the ExpressionEngine conference most years! We love going to check out the new developments and what we can do to make sure our clients have the best sites around.

Want To See What ExpressionEngine Can Do?

Check out these sites we’ve designed on ExpressionEngine in our Project Gallery.

Are You Ready To See What ExpressionEngine Can Do For You?

Stop looking around at other website design companies in Denver CO and give the Monsters at Denver Media Group a call today to get your site customized and working well for you and your customers!

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