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What is domain authority?

What is domain authority?

Besides typing in your website URL or company name into Google itself- how does a company know where they are in ranking? A Colorado SEO expert has a couple of different tricks for this, but one way to know is how high a website’s domain authority is. 

What is domain authority? 

Domain Authority (DA)  defined by Cyrus Shepard as, “ is a metric that predicts how well a domain will rank in Google.” Yup, it is that simple. A website’s DA will be ranked from one to 100 with the Moz Domain Authority calculator. The more backlinks and SEO strategies set in place, the higher a website’s DA will be. A website that has a DA of 50 to 70 is a website with plenty of high quality backlinks and SEO strategies set in place. A website that is 20 to 30 might be a new one that is working getting their DA score higher. 

This tool was developed by the folks at Moz over 10 years ago to help companies predict how well their website will rank on Google dependent upon SERP. SERP, also known as Search Engine Results Pages, this  is more important to digital marketers than it is important to companies. This is because SERP is one of those behind the scenes Colorado SEO strategies that take place. 

A website that is ranking in search engine will have organic SERP processes implemented. This organic SERP process is what helps the website rank. We can’t tell you all our secrets! 

The biggest thing to remember is that this is a Moz calculator and not used by Google. The folks at Google know what DA is, but will not like you asking them about how to get a higher DA. But, the higher the DA of a website the more credible you are in ACTUAL Google search engine, so Moz was onto something when they started this program. 

Moz’s Tool 

The Website Authority Checker with Moz helps to check a website’s DA and Page Authority. You can put any URL inside the checker and see the DA. 

You’ll notice that there are two different bar graphs that show up. There is Page Authority and DA. Page Authority is simply a score of a specific page ranking in search engine. It is the same range from one to 100, but shows the results of that single page. 

This shows that Moz has a 89 DA which is extremely high, but the website also has over 20 million backlinks and the website is over 20 years old. Any new website will start with a DA of one, and over time as Moz shows, the DA will grow dependent on a number of Colorado SEO factors set in place. With that, is this even important? 

Is it important? 

Yes. It is important, but is not something to be upset about if a new website has a lower DA. It is important because it gives a better understanding of where a company’s website is ranking and how credible your website is with Google.

In essence, the higher the DA the more credible a website is which means it could be ranking higher than others in its industry. 

Now, why would a Colorado SEO expert tell you not to be upset over it? This is because it is a prediction not the end all. If your brand new website has a DA of 25-30, this is a great starting point.

 Moz states that it is easier to grow a DA of 25-30 than it is of 70-80. This is because this new website is just getting its SEO footprints started and can start to rank faster and higher with the right SEO strategies in place. 

At the end of the day, DA is important because it gives a metric on search engine rankings and credibility, but with the proper SEO strategies, this DA will continue to grow. Don’t stress out, let the experts handle this for you!

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