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What is user-generated content?

The concept of user-generated content as a whole is very simple. This form of content is created and shared via your followers and/or consumers.

When a brand or company prompts their audience to share their photos, reviews or experiences, this generates content. These submissions have the capabilities of increasing your fanbase, website traffic and brand awareness.

Why user-generated content?

In a recent study, sixty-five percent of brands believe content provided by their users are more effective than content generated in-house.

Oftentimes, companies can get hung up on consistently having the highest quality content possible. It’s important to know, however, a photo or video taken by a passionate follower can sometimes convert into a greater-valued campaign.

Authenticity is key

Consumers would rather purchase from a business that shows its authenticity. When a brand is consistent in it’s message, user-generated or otherwise, trust is gained. Authentic brands give their audience something to care about.

Consumer habits have changed and the traditional ways of marketing your products and services aren’t as successful as they used be. Curating your content and marketing strategy to what is responsive to your audience is an important tactic.

Does your audience engage more in a customer testimonial or review? Or perhaps an example of how your service or product enhanced your consumer’s life?

The content your users give you, in any form, can mean all the difference in your sales! Once your followers relate to others, you have an increased chance of success.

Consumers love involvement

Through social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, obtaining user-generated content is quite simple. In fact, seventy-one percent of Millennials say the engage user-generated content each day.

So how do you get user-generated content?

First and foremost, build trust with your audience before you ask for things. By having consistent engagement (likes, comments, etc) with your audience, you’re laying a good foundation for the future. The more you interact with your audience, the more apt they’ll be to share their content with you.

Once a good level of trust as been established, there are a number of ways to receive good content. You could ask for:

  • Customer reviews on Google or Facebook
  • Photos on Instagram via handle tag or branding hashtag
  • Contest entries
  • Brand advocates to give reviews on products or services

Consumers crave authenticity. When a business shows the genuine side of them, their audience is more apt to share with them.

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