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What Should You Look For In A Denver SEO Agency?

You know by now that search engine optimization (SEO) is important for your business and that SEO isn’t really a DIY project. However, the process of picking out a consultant or marketing agency can be extremely overwhelming!

What Should You Look For When You’re Looking To Hire A Denver SEO Agency?

Knowledge & Expertise

An effective SEO agency will have the knowledge and expertise to back up their claims and promises.

A good rule of thumb you can measure them with is how well-optimized their own site is for relevant keyword searches.

Continuous Learning Philosophy

Good, proper SEO techniques are constantly evolving as search engines continue to update their algorithms to provide better user experiences. In order to ensure that the SEO agency you’re interviewing is staying up-to-date, inquire on their learning philosophy and how much time is actually spent reading, going to workshops, or completing online tutorials.

Numerous Positive References

Regardless of the company you are interviewing, make sure to ask for a list of their references. They should be prepared and have a list ready to go for you with their happy customers.

Another step in your due diligence as a savvy client-to-be is to check out their online reviews to see if they have any bad ones, too.

Effective Tools

What tools does the agency use for reporting and research?

Great Communication Style

When you are talking to different agencies, ask them how often they provide reports.

Be wary of companies that cannot provide details on how SEO progress will be measured or reported to you.

Creativity & Flexibility - Especially With Problem-Solving

A great SEO agency will have creativity and flexibility en masse. While SEO metrics are detail-oriented and very much analyzed by the numbers, having that creativity and flexibility gene in the company will ensure that if your ratings/rankings drop, you can have some confidence that new content and social media supporting strategies will get you back on track - and possibly even better than before!

A High Level Of Awesomeness

The right Denver SEO agency will also have a high level of awesomeness. I mean, do THEY have Monsters all over the place and awards praising their efforts and projects?

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