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When it is time to outsource

When it is time to outsource

As a business owner, decision maker or CMO, it can be difficult to understand when it is time to find the best Denver digital marketing companies to outsource work. Often times, outsourcing has a bad reputation, but once a business finds the right company to work with this can alleviate stress, workloads and help with burnout. 

These are the signs it is time to outsource your digital marketing efforts.

Signs it is time to outsource 


Have you noticed a slight change in your employees work? Amy use to be able to handle 10 clients, SEO and create images, but Amy is now struggling to keep up with her 10 clients and creating the images. At this point, Amy could be experiencing burnout. 

Gallup conducted a three part study examining 15 different types of workplace environments and found that “23 percent of employees reported feeling burned out at work very often or always, while an additional 44 percent reported feeling burned out sometimes.” 

It is common for businesses to have a small but efficient marketing team that handles almost everything from posters and rebranding to posting on social media. At some point, the jack of all trades will experience  burnout. Because the team is constantly working on different tasks and they are unable to focus on the most important tasks consistently, there could be another solution to this- outsourcing to a Denver digital marketing companies

Strategy is missing 

Often times, a business without a Denver digital marketing companies there to properly manage their digital marketing efforts lose the strategy and just post and send emails out because that is what they need to do. There is a social media post going out on the Facebook page, the website might get updated this quarter or year and email marketing strategies are just whenever the email gets sent out. 

At Denver Media Group, we handle all of this. Our digital marketers create posts for your social media platforms, unify them with the right brand and can send out emails out for your business for promotions, monthly or quarterly. It all depends on your business’s needs, but first, you have to start with a strategy. 

Strategy is not working 

On the other hand, there could be the issue of having a strategy in place but the strategy is not executing as originally planned. There are Facebook posts going out, emails being sent on a monthly basis, there are a couple of PPC ads and your marketers have been dabbling in SEO strategies, but it just does not seem to be providing the results. 

This is where outsourcing can help to solve these problems. Your strategies for Facebook posts might ALMOST be there. It could just be your boosted post had too much text. Your SEO strategy could be close, but just needs fined tuned. For these reasons and others, this is why you let our marketers handle what they are professionals at and let our professionals handle the SEO, PPC and social media management. 

Rapid expansion 

A small business can turn into a mid level or large size business in months depending on the amount of growth opportunities. When a business starts to drastically change and evolve so will your current marketers roles and daily tasks. Karen and Zach might not be able to handle SEO on their own or post on social media. This is where outsourcing could solve this problem. Our digital marketers can be handling the SEO strategies and posting on social media while your team expands. 

No matter the reasons for the reasons above, it is always important to keep your team running at full capacity and make sure everyone is working on tasks that they understand and have knowledge in. A website designer should not be working on your SEO just like an SEO expert should not be working on website designs. 

Let the professionals at Denver Media Group handle all of your digital marketing efforts moving forward. Call us for more information! 

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