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Why Do You Need A Brand Style Guide For Your Business?

Professional Denver graphic design firms recommend all businesses create and use a brand style guide for all of their marketing and business communications. Why is this piece so important?

Your brand is essentially what people will “see” about your business. It encompasses all of the design elements from your logo and website, your company’s services or products, your employees and your company name. Your branding is extremely important!

As your business grows, so does your marketing collateral collection. When you started your business, you likely had a logo designed, created a website and ordered some business cards with maybe a few other promotional pieces. If you’ve worked with the same Denver graphic design firms since the beginning, they should know your style. Each creative who works on your account, however, has to get up to speed on your preferences and guidelines. That takes time and money!

Imagine having all of your branding guidelines together in one document! A brand style guide is your answer.

What is a brand style guide?

A brand style guide is essentially a set of rules any employee or creative is expected to follow if they are representing your brand in any way. Brand style guides differ greatly between companies.

Why do you need a brand style guide for your business?

New employees will have guidance on your brand from day one.

New employees will be able to sit down with a document for training where they can find information on everything about representing their new company. The guide should cover all technical aspects of how logos, etc., could be used.

Writers and creatives can get up to speed quickly on your brand.

All of your writers and creatives who work on your marketing and advertising, or any other communications, should be able to get trained quickly on your style. This helps them match the tone and create work representing your brand professionally and exceptionally.

This saves time for project managers and editors.

With guidelines spelled out, managers and editors will spend less time fixing mistakes or repeatedly going over directions for how to use different elements or match tone. Communications will be able to stay “on-brand” more easily.

There will be less confusion with inconsistent messaging.

The public will learn your brand and what they can expect from it. Inconsistent messaging can lead to confusion and isolation for audiences. Consumers crave consistency from the brands they love.

What should a great brand style guide include?

A comprehensive brand style guide can include the following:

  • Brand representation guidelines for your company: vision, mission and what can happen if someone misuses or misrepresents the brand
  • Design elements of your brand: logos, file size, fonts, color schemes
  • Grammar and writing rules: tone guidelines, editing style (AP style or Chicago), customer service language.

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