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Work-life balance as an entrepreneur

If you’re an entrepreneur, especially in the earlier stages of your business, you likely wear many hats.

You’re the:

  • Strategic planner
  • Bookkeeper
  • Technology expert
  • Sales team
  • Customer service rep
  • Creative
  • Etc.

Being an entrepreneur is equal parts exciting and exhausting. Owning a business in the digital age oftentimes feels extra demanding due to the necessity of an online presence.

The great thing about the revolution of an online presence is constantly having an audience to “speak to”. The bad thing is constant access and a blurred line between maintaining your online presence and it being all-consuming.

There is a negative link between overworking yourself and bad health. Many recent studies show signs of depression, sleep disorders, memory loss and heavy drinking due to overworking yourself.

One thing we’ve learned is: do what you do well and pass on the rest. There’s no shame in hiring out professionals to do the jobs you don’t have time for, don’t excel at or don’t have expertise in.

If maintaining your social media accounts, creating content and a strategy for growth isn’t your thing, that’s okay. If you’re struggling to create a boundary between life, work and social media, create one and stick to it.

We have two simple solutions to creating work-life balance in the digital age:

Delegate/Hire a professional

As previously mentioned, find a trusted professional that can maintain your social media presence and digital marketing. While at first posting to your social platforms appears to be a simple task, it’s one that easily gets pushed down the priority list as your other obligations grow.

Remember, your social media is only successful if it’s done well with intention and creative content. If you don’t have the time or energy to put into that, hire it out! #messageus


You wear a lot of hats running your business, and we can only hope that a ski hat is one of them. We live in one of the most beautiful states in America. It’s a shame for that to go underutilized if you find yourself too busy to take it in.

Get out there. Enjoy the mountains. Enjoy your time without being tied to social media and “maintaining your presence”. Trust the professional you hire to do it for you.

Besides, it’s better to see the world in person than in an Instagram post.

Over social media?

We can help you get a little piece of your life back. We’re social media management experts.

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