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Your Customers Should Be Promoters For Your Business

Even your most diehard fans and followers may become disinterested in reading through your emails and commenting on your social media updates, especially if you are a business. Customers may not be interested in downloading your eBooks or reading your blog posts. What they do value, though, is customer reviews.

Why Customer Reviews?

The days when customer reviews didn’t matter for you as a business are long gone.

Today is the age of customer empowerment and customer reviews, readers can associate with those reviews as another human being telling them about a service or product that they may be interested in getting.

Customer reviews might just be your best opportunity for marketing through word of mouth.

Inbound Marketers Got It Right Early On.

Inbound marketers have long shared tales about creating value for customers through developing a rapport with them. They have created compelling narratives to show value in their companies’ products and services. It used to work, but now you need to have customers reflect a similar narrative as your marketing efforts do.

How Can Your Marketing Catch Up?

Your marketing efforts need to start by taking into account the people who have already established a great level of trust with you: Your most loyal customers.

As a business, your marketers need to spend a considerable amount of time interacting with your customers and emphatically listening to them. You’ll have a lot more to bank on when you have case studies involving real people, customer reviews and video interviews with happy customers.

Once you have feedback from your customers, actually incorporate their thoughts into your marketing efforts. This will give your business and brand a heightened sense of reliability and trust.

Let Your Customers Do the Talking (In Part).

Talking about yourself and what you sell will only get you so far, for example, through a marketing authored blog post. It would be much better if you amplified the voices of your customers and the positive experiences they have to spread for your business.

Regardless of how much effort you put in, that element of trust in your marketing materials and your business as a whole will fall short if you don’t include actual customers in those efforts. It will lack that power of influence and fail to motivate prospects. In other words, it will lack validation. The best way to approach this issue is by making your customers active promoters for your business.

The more active they get, advance them on to becoming content creators.

Your Approach Needs Some Modification.

No longer can you just concentrate on leads and simply forget about them when they convert into customers, you have to commit to your customers after they are converted. It’s more about developing relationships with your customers than closing the next deal.

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