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Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp

We are a proud sponsor of Rainbow Trial Lutheran Camp. Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp is an outreach ministry of the Rocky Mountain Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp

Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp

Rainbow Trail is a year-round ministry that offers extensive summer camping programs. The programs include the Compass Points outdoor adventure program for Junior High and Senior High youth, and Bridging Borders mission trips designed for Senior High youth.

Rainbow Trail also offers retreat opportunities for the other nine months of the year including: church worker training events, sponsored confirmation retreats, men’s Fly Fishing retreats, and family weekends among other retreat opportunities.

OMG founder Brad Nietfeldt grew up going to RTLC as youth camper through high school, volunteered several of his summer weeks as a high schooler, and then was a staff member in college. 

The families that get to experience Rainbow Trail's ministries get to experience God firsthand, up close and personal. The experiences I had at RTLC in my youth has helped mold me into who I am today. The relationships I made there in my youth remain even today. I have grown up with my RTLC family, and will grow old with them. Its hard to put into words the feeling of gratitude that I have for Rainbow Trail, the supporting families, the staff members and the Jarvis family. It is clear that God knew what he was doing in the Hearts of those who found this place and those who continue to support its initiatives. I will do whatever I can to insure others get the same opportunities to experience God they way I did, and continue to, through Rainbow Trail's Ministries.” -Brad Nietfeldt

Brad's children now attend as campers and the Nietfeldt's make sure that when RTLC has needs, whether financial, technical or other, the call is answered.

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