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Responsive Website, Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization

Carley Creative’s new responsive website is now live, search engine optimization (SEO) is underway, and digital marketing strategies are in play. This project involved a new website design,social media marketing, alongside SEO strategies.

Who Is Carley Creative?

Carley Creative was founded by Jason Carley after his graduation from Texas Christian University. The company was originally created in Los Angeles before relocating to Austin, Texas. The company specializes in delivering high-quality videos to their clients; the videos range from animation videos to live action!

How Did The Monsters At Omaha Media Group Help?

At Omaha Media Group, we redesigned their website and made it easier to navigate through. We wanted to make sure all the great content that already existed was better organized for a more user-friendly experience.

Carley Creative tasked OMG with helping to increase brand recognition in the Austin, TX, area. Currently, this is being done with proper SEO tactics. These tactics help fix the site for errors, analyzing keywords for optimal SEO strategies, and creating backlinks. Overtime, this will generate more traffic. When it comes to Digital Marketing, we are utilizing social marketing strategies through social media application and strategic use of blogs.

Alongside SEO strategies, OMG is using Digital Marketing strategies. These strategies involve using social media applications to create a following on their pages, Twitter, Google +,  and LinkedIn. This strategy increases traffic to their current website. OMG also incorporates blogging strategies that exercise SEO keyword phrases.

We are so excited to help Carley Creative with their new website and enhance their SEO tactics and social media presence. To check out their new website, follow the arrow below.

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