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The best marketing automation tools in Denver, Colorado! 

As a company owner, decision- maker or even an in-house marketing team, you might type into Google, “what is marketing automation?” or “the best marketing automation tools?” and millions of options populate in Google. Which system is really the best? Can your company customize it to fit your specific needs? 

It is a lot. We will not argue that. This is because before Denver Media Group developed our own marketing automation systems, our company trailed and errored several marketing automation systems. They were wonderful, but they did not let us customize for our clients. This is where our systems were brainstormed and developed. 

Denver Media Group can create marketing strategies for Business to Business (B2B) needs or Business to Consumer (B2C) easier than ever before!

Digital marketing, email marketing or lead generation does not have to be a time-consuming or strenuous effort on anyone’s part. When it comes to  Internet marketing all you need is a marketing strategy that works well with your company's needs.

What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is technology that allows for the marketing process to be automated and less manual. Automation allows for repetitive tasks to be done on a regular basis to allow marketers to manage and execute other priorities on their to-do lists. 

Not only does this help a marketing team automate their repetitive processes, a marketing automation system should be a one-stop-shop tool for marketers. Marketing automation tools should also allow you to track the success of your campaigns.

Key importance of marketing automation platforms 

Any marketer understands that a cohesive and strategic strategy is the center of all marketing campaigns out there. This allows for a marketer to focus on their strategies to hit those goals and KPIs set in place for the success of the campaign. A long or short campaign can span across multiple channels from email marketing to PPC advertisements. Because of this, it is important that the marketing automation tools do not slow down the marketers, but increase their organization and time. 

The ability to track how campaigns are performing is one of the most imperative notions for a company and marketers alike. A marketing automation system should hold, track, show demographics, best time to post, history, main audience and so much more. All marketing campaigns can be worked on from previous data and history that has been analyzed and measured from before. 

The ability to continue to scale up marketing campaigns should be offered in automation systems. Yes, a company can send 10 emails, but what about 100? A manual system that needs to be consistently monitored and updated will not allow for 100 emails, but an automated system will allow for 100 emails to be sent with a quick click. 

Denver Media Group understands that marketing automation tools and systems can be overwhelming. There are hundreds on the market, and each different feature might not pertain to your company or industry. Because of this, we help you take the guesswork out of using marketing automation with our systems that can monitor and track email marketing campaigns, social media marketing, search engine marketing and so much more while all being tailored to your company! 

What is Monstrous.Digital 

Monstrous.Digital is a robust scheduling platform. This is because Monstrous.Digital is the main place our marketing team works from each and every day! Is your team manually posting to Instagram, Facebook or taking insights from each different platform? That is time consuming and explains a number of different metrics, but what if there was one place that this would all be located? 

Mind-blown! Monstrous.Digital allows for marketers and companies to perform the following within the marketing automation  platform: 

  • Schedule social media posts
  • Monitor branding
  • Monitor keywords
  • Monitor competition
  • Find content for content marketing efforts
  • Run reporting for weekly, monthly or quarterly reports
  • Schedule posts for approval
  • Engage with customers

Yup, all of this and even more within one platform. But, that is not it, our company also offers Monstrous.Email.

What is Monstrous.Email?

Monstrous.Email is a fully encompassing, user friendly marketing automation software. Not only can you automate email response, you can create an entire email campaign for your clients.

Benefits of using Monstrous.Email:

  • Email automation
  • Campaign creation
  • Build your own customized templates
  • Monitor success of each campaign
  • Send out a weekly newsletter, based off your website updates

What else does Monstrous.Email do?

  • Set up sales pipelines for each potential client
  • Use it for Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Social network analysis

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