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Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Management Services In Denver, Colorado 

Whether a company has heard of Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing or wondering how it can benefit their company, it is imperative to understand what this paid digital marketing plays in the overall digital marketing strategy. 

What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

In the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world, there are two theories behind SEO. On one side of the fence, there is SEO which is a combination of on-page and off-page technical SEO strategies that help a company’s website rank organically overtime in Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

This will be on the test at the end, so remember this! On the other side of the fence, there is Search Engine Marketing (SEM) which Denver PPC falls into. SEM is the practice of marketing digital ads on search engines to searchers. When a searcher types into Google, the top advertisement that appears is based onPPC marketing strategies. This type of advertisement can show in several different places in SERP, but typically, appear on the top or bottom of SERPs. What is in the middle? The organic SEO strategy. 

What are PPC ads?

Pay Per Click ads are strategic digital advertisements on search engines from Google to Yahoo! That allows for companies to promote their products and/ or services, but only pay for said advertisement when a consumer clicks on their advertisement. 

It is estimated that for every $2.00 spent on a PPC advertisement, a pay per click advertising makes $1.00. What does this mean? This means that a company spends $2.00 on an PPC Denver ad and makes a dollar in ROI for each click on said advertisement. 

PPC ads are favored over organic SEO strategies because PPC ads provide a company with immediate results that take organic SEO months to years to produce. Denver Media Group uses Google Ads for all of our PPC marketing strategies and management. As a Google Development Partner, pay per click management services falls into this category as well. 

Pay per click management services

On average, small businesses are spending $120,000 a year on Denver PPC ads, but still struggling to show a ROI once the advertisement has run its course. How does this happen? 

A company often wonders if PPC advertisement is even worth it at the end of the day. If the advertisement cost hundreds of dollars, but only produced half of its overall cost, a company could argue that the investment and strategy were not worth the money at the end of the day. 

At Denver Media Group, our company understands that the most important part of the entire advertisement is to drive results, but a common mistake for companies who are DYI-ing their own PPC management is letting it sit until it's over. 

Pay per click management sounds exactly like what it is, managing all of the ads. Denver Media Group starts the process with keyword research. This keyword research involves finding the best keywords and search opportunities based on a number of factors in the process.

Denver PPC Experts  

Denver Media Group can help a company save money at the end of the day! Yup, it is possible. This is through keyword research that targets “related” keywords phrases and search opportunities. Do not worry, our experts can still provide an ROI, but this helps to reduce CPC rates and helps with the ads ranking in SERP. 

The biggest advantage of PPC advertising is that our experts can help you reach that audience by viewing your past demographics of previous ads and conducting our own market research. This also tells our experts if the ad needs to be tweaked once it has started based on what the search queries are and who is clicking on the advertisement. 

From there, our Denver PPC experts are able to provide your company with a number of options and specialty crafted messages that grab the attention of searchers and make sure that all data is accurate. 

Finally, our experts can give a company’s ads 100 percent attention and help to keep tasks on course while making sure the right decisions are made before, during and after the campaign. That is what our pay per click management services is all about and should be about! 

Denver Media Group provides all Denver companies with the best Denver PPC expertise to help provide that immediate ROI that they are searching for. For more information on our strategies, call the experts today! 

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