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Why would a company want to invest in social media marketing efforts? New customers are increasingly relying on social media platforms to find the latest news and learn more  about a company’s brands, products or services; on the other hand, how are existing customers continuing to learn about new products or services? 

Over 45 percent of the world-wide population uses social media platforms. That is about 3.5 billion social media users globally, and over 70 percent of these users are Millennials! Since 2004, social media marketing and management have continued to skyrocket and a company can no longer go the “traditional” route. 

Social media marketing (SMM) is one of the most powerful inbound marketing strategies that a company can utilize in their overall marketing strategies. 

What is Social Media Marketing? 

Social media marketing is simply what it sounds like, the use of promoting products and/ or services through social media marketing platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.  Denver Media Group’s team of Social Media Marketing and Digital Marketing Strategist can help any company start the process of social media marketing services. 

A company should invest in the best social media marketing Denver services for several reasons, but the first deals with your company’s brand! In a digital world that is constantly changing with algorithms and the latest viral posts, a company can no longer sit in the shadows and expect to continue to sell products and/or services. It takes a consumer seven times before they start to trust your company and 15 times before they start to see you as credible in your industry. 

This means that a company has to get in front of their target audience up to 15 times before they are ready to purchase products and/or services. How does that happen? One strategy is with digital and social media marketing Denver efforts. However, 50 percent of small businesses aren’t utilizing social media marketing services. 

Return of Investment (ROI) 

Denver Media Group understands that it can be difficult to transition from traditional marketing efforts to social media marketing. 

The first concern for companies to invest in social media marketing services is that it will not show a Return-of-Investment (ROI). “What will we get out of this?” Ultimately, the goal is to garner more leads and targeted website traffic which is being honed in from social media marketing efforts on the correct social media platforms that your company’s target audience is utilizing on a day to day basis. 

A great way to break it down is regarding television advertisements and social media posts. How many people see television ads? In the social media marketing world that is called impressions. An impression is the amount of audience who has seen your content in a given week or month just scrolling through social media. 

However, with the right digital and social media marketing Denver company, we can show your company ROIs based on goals that have been tracked and measured throughout the course of the social media marketing campaign based on goals that have been set in place. 

At the end of the day, the same notions can be applied when a company is hesitant on spending money on social media marketing. It is basically a digital version of a television advertisement! 

Content is not easy work 

Crafting the perfect Twitter post for the next week or month is not an easy task, and as a company owner, any DIY efforts can become a bit promotional. Okay, way too much promotion is what typically happens. Content creation and curation is not a small task and should not be taken lightly. A company owner, internal marketing team or decision-makers do not have any extra time in their schedules to work on this daily content. 

That’s the thing about content creation, it is a process that never ends. And because we do not want to overpromote to consumers, this means other types of content has to be created. A way our marketers are able to do this is with our own HootSuite platform called Monstrous.Digital. 

Monstrous.Digital provides our marketers the ability to monitor what consumers are saying about your company’s brand, find that other curated content (non-promotional pieces), monitor keywords, competitors and so much more! This takes away a considerable amount of extra work and time from those who are not able to invest in these types of softwares within their own company! 

Hire a digital and social media marketing Denver company who can be an extension of your company’s marketing team. 

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