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Determining your audience in Denver -  Digital Marketing 101

Determining your audience in Denver -  Digital Marketing 101

For those who haven’t noticed in Denver, digital marketing has completely changed the way businesses advertise to their audience. In fact, seventy-six percent of people believe “marketing has changed more in the last two years than over the previous fifty.” The progression is undeniable!

Because of such speedy progression in marketing tactics, the best marketing companies in Denver are regularly adapting to change while bringing on new clients. A win for everyone!

Digital marketing has incredible capabilities of increasing brand awareness, maintaining business reputations, and even bringing in more clientele if the strategy is right.

It’s no mystery why local businesses are flocking to Denver digital marketing professionals! Teams like ours have a greater understanding of finding an audience, incorporating a voice, and taking each marketing strategy mile-high (pun intended)!

Audience is Brand.

When a business has opted-in to a digital marketing plan, one of the most important tasks at hand is determining the audience they serve and ultimately, what they sound like.

The target audience of a business is the backbone of every digital marketing strategy. While saying, “Our audience is everyone!” is endearing and ambitious, it’s unfortunately not going to benefit a business in the way one might hope.

There’s a saying in marketing, “If you’re talking to everybody, you’re not talking to anybody.”

When an audience is broad, there’s no clear and consistent way to speak to them directly. Moreover, it makes it nearly impossible to determine the best platforms to carry out a marketing strategy.

With that, it’s not only important to identify who the audience is right now, but to identify who the ideal client is for the future and where they are online. If the language, persona and tone of an audience is not conveyed properly on the best platforms, the message will be lost entirely.

Determining an Audience

We can agree, the best marketing companies in Denver obsess over identifying a target audience. While most businesses have had their audience locked in for ages, it’s not uncommon for experts like us to hone them in a little bit more.

While many tactics are similar, determining the audience for a B2B company is a little different than pinpointing the audience of a B2C company.

Segmenting a B2B audience:

  • How big are the companies you work with?

  • How big are the companies you hope to work with?

  • Where are the companies you work with? Local? Regional? Global?

  • Who do the companies serve?

  • What do the companies you work with need?

  • What companies would benefit from your business?

  • What are the core values of the companies you work with?

Segmenting a B2C audience:

  • Is your consumer male, female?

  • How old is your average consumer?

  • Where does your consumer live? Home, apartment, college dorm?

  • Is your consumer local or global?

  • Is your consumer active, a professional, an entrepreneur?

  • What’s your consumer's lifestyle? Do they hike, play video games, like craft beer?

With the thorough assessment of a business, digital marketing professionals are set up for success to market in an industry.

Now that we’ve brought the local businesses of Denver digital marketing insight for determining an audience, on Wednesday, we’re serving up helpful ways to identify the voice of a brand.

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