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How to fix a high bounce rate. Part 2

On Wednesday’s blog, we brought up the struggle of your website’s bounce rate. There’s nothing more frustrating than having organic traffic come to your website, only for them to take off right away.

Identifying the parts of your website that might be the demise of your visitors is the only sure way to make your bounce rate lower.

A slow loading website is the quickest way to have your website visitors leave. Optimizing your page to load quick in our digital world is essential to your online success!

Additionally, encouraging your audience “where to go next” once they’ve landed on your website.

Today, we dig a little bit deeper into ways a professional web development and SEO expert can help lower your bounce rate.


Not only is your backlinking strategy important for SEO, it’s important for your users.

Much like a call to action, your internal and external links provide where they can go next. The internal links you provide should send your users to relevant and relatable pages on your website, thun decreasing your bounce rate.

Any external links used should send people to useful information in a separate tab or window of their internet browser. When external links are not viewed in a new tab or window, you’re threatening your bounce rate.


Content used to be king. However, readability has since taken the reigns.

Readability is how easily a person can read a piece of content. In the United States, the average reading level is actually lower than one might think, sitting at a seventh or eighth grade level.

Because of this, simplifying the readable content on your website is really important. Shorter sentences, fewer adverbs and minimal jargon can greatly increase your readability.

Better readability, a lower bounce rate. The go hand-in-hand. On average, website visitors only check out roughly twenty percent of your content, so you better make it good to spark their attention.

Good content inspires users to stay on your website and find more interesting pages to visit. If you find your content is lacking, hiring a professional content writer can certainly help spice it up!

Skip the popups

Seventy-three percent of consumers resent pop-ups. Turns out, even Google hates them. If Google says they dislike something, we oblige.

Popups are often found as misleading, intrusive and unprofessional. Take the high road and find a better, more productive way to encourage a page or product on your site.

Instilling your trust in a professional digital marketer can develop a strategy that will work best for your business and what you offer.

Analyzing the best ways to lower your bounce rate can take a lot of trial and error. Taking a step back and seeing your website from the consumer point of view can give insight to a better ratel.

If you’re struggling to lower your bounce rate, but don’t have the time or means to do so, let us know! We’re the experts for you!

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