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How to set website goals.

A fresh website design and build is a solid investment in the future of your business. With a new website should come a new mindset for the growth of your traffic and website leads.

Once a website has been designed, a business should never “set it and forget it.” A website must have a set of goals a business would like to reach over various periods of time.

Defining “the why” of your website is crucial to your success and gaining a return on your investment.

What is the purpose of your website?

  • To gain business leads?
  • To sell products?
  • To inform your audience?

Understanding the main purpose of your website will help you establish the right goals for business growth.

Common website goals

Increased website traffic

One of the most common goals we see (and set for ourselves) is gaining more website traffic from your target audience.

While gaining website traffic, in general, is beneficial, gaining the right kind of traffic is more important. When you understand your target audience, you can tailor your SEO and marketing strategies to the visitors you’d like to obtain.

A massive increase in web traffic is great, but if the visitors aren’t the ones purchasing your products or using your services, the boost in traffic won’t matter.

How can one achieve this? A variety of ways! A specific SEO strategy, guest blog posts, AdWords, social media, etc.

Increased email subscribers

We love email marketing. It’s one of the most successful ways to push a campaign and have it directly reach your audience without the hiccups of algorithms and other social media delays.

Oftentimes businesses will find themselves noticing their website traffic drastically increase after an email strategy has been implemented.

How can a business collect email subscribers? By offering something in exchange (a free resource, exclusive information, coupon codes), social campaigns, and landing pages.

Reduced bounce rate

Keeping visitors on your website should be an obvious goal for any business to have. Reducing the bounce rate takes some time, research, and consistent follow up.

What is bounce rate? When a visitor views one page of your website and then moves on to another website without proceeding any further into yours.

How can a business reduce their bounce rate? Ensure the loading speed of your website is optimal. If your website loads quickly, your visitors are more likely to stick around.

Is your site mobile-friendly? Having a responsive site that applies to all screen sizes, devices and web browsers is another easy way to gain extra time on your website.

Lastly, have engaging content. Entice your visitors to stay. With superior visuals, simple navigation and content that keeps your audience interested, your visitors should stick around.

Setting goals for your website of any kind will hone your business in on some objectives that might otherwise go overlooked. Setting website goals can also drastically change the results of other internal goals you’ve set for your business.

What are your goals?

Let’s work together to make website goals that will compliment your business and gain success!

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