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The newest social media platforms

The newest social media platforms

There are over 65 different social media platforms out there. The most common are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Yes, we know, Pinterest does not technically consider themselves as a social platform anymore, but they are a social platform. There are four new social platforms who have been gaining traction and they have been noticed by our Digital Marketing Denver company. 

Is your business staying up-to-date with social platforms or are you still only on that one platform Zuckerburg created? 

Tik Tok

This was one of the hottest social media platforms in 2018, but it was under a different name., the original name that this social media platform and that is the only thing that has changed in one year! This social media platform is a spin off of Vine and has similar features to Instagram. This social media platforms has users create short videos with music as their background. Consumers create these short six second to 60 second videos that can be shared with others on multiple social media platforms. The viral videos you see on Facebook and Twitter are often coming from Tik Tok! 

There are over 500 million active users each month on this social media platform and most of these users are ranging between 16 to 24 years- old around the globe. To put this into perspective, Instagram has one billion active users and the most common users ages range from 18 to 30 years old. Tik Tok reaches a younger audience than other platforms and it has quickly grown in popularity  by the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019. 


Vero is the newest version of Instagram that is gaining traction on the apps stores. Any digital marketing Denver agency will tell you the frustrations with all of the algorithm changes with Instagram from post being hidden based on amount of engagement to even not showing the full amount of likes. 

As Instagram continues to change algorithms and not give the general public the simple things they are asking for (chronological order), Vero has gained traction. 

After the last algorithm change, Vero had three million downloads. The app had just 150,000 in three years and one simple change on Insta and there were three million downloads. Vero’s design is very similar to Instagram’s, but the overall functionality is different. Vero keeps all posts in chronological order which has been a big frustration for consumers of Instagram and it does not collect ALL of your personal data like Instagram. 

Our digital marketing Denver agency is not saying ditch Instagram and head over to Vero, but implementing new channels of social media platforms could be beneficial to companies seeking to reach a younger audience. However, often times, consumers are reluctant to download a new platform unless it garners some major traction like TikTok. 

Vero markets that there is “no ads. No data mining. No algorithms” and that is one of the main selling points for consumers to download this social media platform. While there is a smaller following on Vero, it is showing that Instagram’s changes are pushing consumers and possibly businesses to other platforms. 


Have you ever watched a video of a gamer recording themselves playing their game in live time? Yeah, that’s Twitch and basically what Caffeine is. This is a social platform that focuses on gaming, entertainment and creating videos. The livestream is similar to Facebook Live or Periscope where consumers can share comments and react with hearts and likes, but it offers emojis instead of  just reactions.


Lasso is the newest version of TikTok that was created and launched a year after TikTok! Lasso allows for users to search for trending and popular videos simply using hashtags and create your own in hopes that it will also start to trend. This is a spin off of Vine and TikTok. However, the main difference between Lasso and TikTok is that the videos are based off the hashtags that are trending. 

Is there a viral video? Don’t miss the moment. This will create a serious feeling of fomo. The spin-off has yet to garner the traction that TikTok has, Lasso attracted 15,000 downloads versus Tik Tok’s 64 million in January of 2019. 

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