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Why do Wordpress sites get hacked?

In reality, all websites are at risk of being hacked at one point or another. Unfortunately, some sites are more susceptible than others.

WordPress sites have fallen victim to hacking a little more than others, which is one of the main reasons why we love working with ExpressionEngine from Elis Labs.

Why do websites get hacked?

Overall, websites are usually hacked for common things, such as personal information. Financial fraud and identity theft is vast these days, and it’s relatively easy for a hacker to access the information they need to compromise someone’s information.

Moreover, hackers have the ability to access your email address and send out spam emails with your website and fill them full of malicious software. Generally, hackers are seeking out one of three things: economic gains, data and bandwidth. Or, more simply…boredom.

Why is WordPress a target?

WordPress is a popular site across the board with an extensive amount of users. While it’s one of the leading providers of websites on the internet, it’s popularity makes it an easy target for hackings.

Funny enough, a hacker and a business essentially want the same thing. To impact as many people as possible.

Without a doubt, WordPress is a carefully designed platform that is user-accessible and versatile. Its features are very secure and work hard to keep malicious people out. Unfortunately, it’s within the third party themes and plugins of a WordPress site where things start to go awry.

Many third-party plugins contain malicious software containing viruses and codes designed to bypass security. From there, it’s a complete downfall.

Why we love ExpressionEngine

ExpressionEngine is an extremely secure development platform! While there isn’t a platform that’s immune to hacking, we trust ExpressionEngine and Ellislab the most. Our clients’ security is our number one priority, and we choose to develop on a platform that is as secure as possible.

Through regular security updates and patches, they go to great lengths to combat any exploits going around. For over ten years, ExpressionEngine and Ellislabs have maintained a reputable record of secure software and quick patches.

Moreover, they collaborate with security researchers who work hard to tighten up security for their platform. From our perspective, we love a secure team approach.

Does this mean WordPress is bad? Certainly not! It’s simply not a platform we prefer to work with on a professional level.

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