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How to keep your customers loyal?

Do you want your customers to come back?

Yes, you do!

Except your marketing team is probably too focused on the potential customers. They tend to forget about the old ones who may be leaving you.

Frankly speaking, this is a big mistake. Fortunately for you, it’s not entirely uncommon and fixable.

A great way to keep your customers loyal is by using customer retention techniques. These are small ways to remind them you have them on your radar.

What Is Customer Retention?

When a business invests in its customers and makes efforts to keep them coming back, we call this customer retention. Unlike the usual marketing campaigns, the main focus here is to keep a hold on past and present customers. The best way to practice customer retention is through engagement and customer satisfaction.

What do you get out of customer retention?

Well, the obvious reason is the constant cash flow from their bank accounts. The other benefit is customer loyalty, which creates an advocate who will happily refer you to others.

Here are fool-proof ways to boost your customer retention rates:

1.  Keep Your Customers Satisfied

Customer service should be number one on your priority list. You need to make sure the customer is getting all they want. Otherwise, why would they come back?

You see, angry customers may be diverting your potential customers by the noise they make. You need to calm them down and satisfy them with complimentary gifts or a refund. Your customers need to know that their satisfaction comes above the transaction.

Once they see this, there is no way they would willingly leave!

2. Keep Your Customers Engaged

You can’t deny how social media networks have been a blessing. They give you a platform to advertise all that you have to offer. More importantly, they are a great way to interact with the consumers. By practicing frequent interactions you will be able to learn about the things only customers can tell you.


  • Product manufacture issues
  • Packaging  or delivery mishaps
  • Uncooperative employees
  • Suggestions about new products

This helps you gain insight into what your audience desires. Additionally, you will be able to reverse the trend of downward sales from previous issues once your company resolves them.

In the end, this positive response from your side will build a bond between you and them.

3. Reward Your Customers for Loyalty

Loyalty is not bought, it is earned. However, sometimes a little incentive goes a long way in keeping the customers near.  Since they already pay hefty bills to get your services, you need to gift them with little things to brighten their day or make transactions lighter.

Offer them rewards like:

  • Loyalty cards
  • Free giveaway competitions via social media
  • Discounts via emails

Bottom Line

These strategies ensure your customer never leaves the door!

These are little reminders to show your established customers they are still valued in your business. When you care about them, interact with them, and shower them with discounts, then they feel like it is worth it to continue to do business with your company.

Are you ready to bring back those customers?

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