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New Year’s business resolutions

Whether you rang in the New Year with a bang or you just made it to 9:30 and called it a night, it’s time to gear up for 2019.

You’ve likely made a few resolutions for yourself on a personal level.

Save money.
Get in shape.
Cut out carbs (sad).

What about resolutions for your business? Sure, planning for the future is a concurrent part of owning a business, but when was the last time you set real, definitive goals?

As marketing and SEO experts in Denver, we’re driven by success on the daily! We’re constantly striving for higher search rankings, increased audience engagement and faster site speeds. It’s simply a part of our business.

With that, we strongly believe in making goals or resolutions for our business as a whole and for each of us individually within our company.

Every business can say they want to triple their revenue or onboard twice as many clients. Basic goals are good, but we want to take it up a notch this year.

Here are three goals or resolutions we’re excited to tackle in 2019.

Learn one. Do one. Teach one.

We strongly believe in the power of learning. Growth comes from adopting skills and stepping out of your comfort zone. In 2018 we got a little taste of this when our Managing Partner, Brad Nietfeldt, presented at ExpressionEngine Conference.

This year we’re looking forward to taking the knowledge we have as an expert digital marketing agency, applying that to the awesome clients we have, and showing the ropes to small digital marketing businesses starting out.

As Connie Malamed says, “One of the most important areas we can develop as professionals is competence in accessing and sharing knowledge.” Preach, girl!

Nonprofit Work.

Philanthropy is a massive part of our business. We do a ton of feel-good work for organizations like Chive Charities, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals in Omaha, NE and the Salvation Army. But this year, we want more.

We don’t want to just support nonprofits financially, we want to volunteer our time. We believe the best work in our community is done with boots on the ground. We’re ready to be a part of something much bigger than ourselves.

Build community.

There’s networking and then there’s building a community. We’d much rather build a community.

With networking, there’s always the intention of a sale. In building a community, it’s making friendships and developing trusted resources that give willingly without expecting something in return.

While growing and expanding a business is always exciting, we understand the importance of doing work in our own backyard. This year our goal is to build genuine connections with those around us with the intent of simply being friendly. Why? Because friends are cool. Even in business.

With that, we’d love to hear what goals and resolutions you’ve set within your business!

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