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Three ways to utilize social media marketing

Social media is an incredible tool for a business to use. Regardless of operation size, the ability to reach your targeted audience in such a way is certainly a luxury!

While consumers are unlikely to be on every social platform, most are somewhere on social media. By developing a quality digital marketing strategy, you can reach the right people at the right time in the right place.

When you hire a social media strategist, it’s important to identify the purpose of your social media presence. As with all marketing, you must determine your objective in order to make a plan that works.

While the “everybody’s doing it” mentality is true and validated, as professionals, we have three primary objectives we use to develop your strategy.

Objective 1: Social legitimacy.

Most often, companies are looking to simply become visible on social media. Whether they’ve been absent on social media altogether or they’re trying to pick it up where they left off, all companies are trying to get in front of a crowd. Most are either feeling the competition creep up on them, or simply wanting to stay at the forefront to ensure brand awareness.

Establishing brand awareness on social platforms allows a company to also build legitimacy as an expert in their field. The ability to share and engage an audience with useful information on social media builds a strong consumer bond and encourages trust in the products and services you offer.

While measuring brand awareness on social media is complicated, the easiest way to track how a business stands up to others, is by comparing numbers to other industry leaders and competitors.

Objective 2: Customer service.

Using social media platforms to perform customer service to clients is a new and innovative way to use social media. Customer service on social media can be executed in various ways.

Typically, customer service on social media is used to automate answers to questions, have around-the-clock responses and save time for your customers.

Customer service on social media is a brilliant idea that requires time and attentiveness.  A professional social media management team knows the best way to optimize your customer service response time, satisfaction and ways of communicating in obscure ways.

Objective 3: Conversion goals.

Conversion goals do not solely mean making sales. As much as making sales on social media is great, gaining email addresses, website clicks and data is the most beneficial.

Thinking of social media as a popularity contest is most definitely the wrong way of going about it. Unless your “likes” and engagement convert to cash flow, they’re pretty irrelevant to your goal. Unless your goal is brand awareness, that is.

Companies across the globe use social media to gather user-generated content to share and link to your product pages. This social proof encourages others to trust your brand and follow through with other sales.

Identifying the purpose of your social media as a business is important. Identify why you’re looking to gain a following and what you’ll do with your audience when they get there. By hiring a professional social media expert, they’ll develop a strategy to accomplish the goal your business is set out to achieve!

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