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Top 3 Tips For Denver Social Media Marketing In 2018

Whether you are starting a new business in Denver or have been around for a while, if you have avoided social media up until now, dabbled in it a bit, or set up profiles on all the social networks and started posting and building a community, we have 3 tips to up your Denver social media marketing game this year!

Tip # 1 - Limit Yourself To A Few Platforms To Begin

It’s hard to do too much all at once, and each social media platform has its own rules on how they want you to do things as well as limits on how you can connect with your audience. Start with one, two, or three social media platforms.

How do you decide which one(s) to start with? Look at 3 things: (1) your product or service, (2) your intended audience, and (3) yourself.

Is your product or service enviable in photographs and videos? If so, opt for platforms like SnapChat or Instagram.

Is your intended audience younger? Again, SnapChat and Instagram win here, too, with Twitter ranking a close third!

And, finally, you… Are you able to create a succinct call to action and give all of the information you want to your audience in 280 characters or less? If so, then Twitter’s probably the platform for you. Are you a little more wordy? Chances are, Facebook is your ideal audience!

Tip # 2 - Optimize All The Social Media Profiles You Set Up Or Have Already

Once you have chosen your desired platforms (and remember, less is more!), it’s time to optimize those profiles!

Make sure you include a truly engaging and original description of your product or service, your company, or yourself in your “Bio.” Use keywords to help you appear at a higher position in search engine rankings.

Once you’ve got all of your profiles filled out as completely as possible, make sure to link between all of them and include the links on your website!

Tip # 3 - Be Sure To Share Interesting, Helpful, & Engaging Content For Your Audience

Denver social media marketing is all about building relationships with followers. Sharing interesting, helpful, and engaging content is a great way to do just this!

Do not, under any circumstances, spam followers with advertisements for your product or service. This is the surest way to get immediately unfollowed on social media!

What is considered useful content by social media users?

  • Stories related to your given industry or to your clients’/customers’ industries
  • Motivational quotes, stories, and images
  • Interesting images and videos
  • Humorous content to show off your funny or goofy side

Bonus Tip - Be Consistent!

We stress this one so much with our Denver clients. It’s important to be consistent. Varying posting times to make sure you’re engaging with your largest potential audience is fine; but going from 1 post a day to 20 per day and then maybe one or two a week will just drive your users crazy.

Keep things consistent and if you need to increase/decrease your amount of social media postings, let your followers know with a quick “business update” to let them know you’re doing this. Let them know how they can contact you if they have issues, which could save those “rapid unfollowers” who are resistant to change.

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