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Your business needs a blog

It’s a common misconception that even the most mundane of businesses don’t need a blog. However, that’s far from the truth.

Blogging isn’t just for the lifestyle guru or recipe nut. Blogging is a marketing tool for all businesses.

Blogs aren’t dead.

Though video content has taken the internet by storm, blogging is, and always will be, an essential piece to your content strategy.

Your business has a 434% higher chance of being ranked in search engines if your website features a blog. Moreover, you’re likely to gain 67% more business leads with a blog.

If these stats alone don’t encourage you to start a business blog, we’re not sure what will!

What kind of blog?

Search engines, like Google, love fresh content. Blog content is a sure way to confirm to search engines that your business is current, relevant and putting out useful content for your audience.

Blogs for businesses can range from products you offer, services you provide, promotions you’re running, company news or big things happening in your industry.

The main idea behind a blog  is to create useful content for your audience. While video content is certainly engaging, long-form content like blogs perform just as well.

Why blogs?

Social media is deceptive to many internet users these days. Having a blog for your business ads a human element to your website and web presence.

Blogging is a platform that can be used to delve into customer concerns or audience issues, add personality to your business and give you a leg up on your competition.

Additionally, blogging drives more traffic to your website. When you gain traffic to your website via your blog, it gives insight into what your target audience is looking for. After some time, this insight will allow you to curate your blogs in a way that not only drives more traffic, but converts into leads and sales.

Blogs get results.

Inbound links from websites are considered “the currency of the internet”. These high quality backlinks to your site show Google that your business is good and credible, resulting in a higher website ranking in search engines.

Furthermore, blogging is an essential piece in the social media game. Being successful on social media can directly correlate with the blog content you’re creating.

Believe it or not, the 80/20 rule also applies to blogging content. One should spend twenty percent of their time blogging, and eighty percent of their time promoting it via social media.

If your content is compelling and helpful, it encourages more engagement on your social media platforms, resulting in more traffic to your website.

Are you unsure of what to blog about? Are you short on time and would like to pass your blogging on to someone else? We can do that for you!

We blog!

We’ll assess your business and come up with a great content strategy for you!

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