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10 best SEO tips

SEO is the talk of the day. Today's businesses are striving day in and out to rank high on search engines because this is the internet age and people look to the internet for anything and everything.

If you want to see your business grow and succeed, it is highly recommended that you comply with the algorithms of various search engines. Make it easy for people to discover your business, but how do you do that? Through SEO! Know what SEO hacks can do wonders!

Below are the best SEO tips, tricks and hacks:

  • Quality content matters. Your posts must be original and error- free. Add fresh content time and again and give a call to action/advice at the end of the post.
  • The page title must be distinct, descriptive and clearly tell what the content is all about.
  • The focus word must be present in the URL slug. This grabs the attention of Google.
  • Interlink pages on your website.
  • Pay attention to the Meta description. This must display your keyword.
  • Design websites to be mobile- friendly. Mobile users are on the rise and you cannot afford to ignore them. Your site must work on different browsers as well.
  • Your site page must load quickly for you to rank high. People tend to visit your site more often if your site is quick.
  • Make sure your website is informative. If your readers love your posts, they will share it, thereby increasing traffic.
  • Incorporate video content. Google loves videos!
  • Make Google aware of your location by including your business address in local pages.


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