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SEO: Expectations vs. Reality

SEO: Expectations vs. Reality

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the marketing practice used to increase organic web traffic, better the quality of web traffic, and have greater success within search engines. Colorado SEO services are strengthened by a number of methods, including, but not limited to: organic search methods, video, images, ads, and many more.

SEO is a competitive process, however, extremely beneficial for businesses of all types. When hiring a Denver SEO expert, you’re not only hiring a business that understands search engines, you’re hiring a business that is thorough with websites, user-friendliness, and search engines beyond Google.

It’s not uncommon for expectations to be a little skewed when it comes to the process and success of Colorado SEO services. For us, here at Denver Media Group, we like to improve upon those expectations up front!

Here are three common expectations that every Denver SEO expert has encountered, and the reality behind them.

Colorado SEO Services: Expectations vs. Reality

SEO works immediately.
It’s not uncommon for decision-makers in a business to want search engine results overnight. Who wouldn’t? The reality is, SEO takes time.

Giving a timeframe of success is not only near-impossible, it’s irresponsible. The factors that go into search engine rankings are massive and ever-changing, making a defined timeline difficult. Business competition, inbound links, and content all play a big part in how quickly search engine results can improve. Not to mention site speed, algorithm updates, and overall website health have a direct impact on where your website sits within search engine ranking pages.

Because of this, a Denver SEO expert should never promise a timeframe of results. If they do, it’s time to look elsewhere.

SEO is the same for every business.
If a specific strategy worked for one business, it will work for them all, right?Wrong!

Every business, even if you’re in the same industry, is different. Because of this, having an SEO strategy customized to your specific business will bode greater success. It’s important to remember that a website needs to be optimized for the right audience, the right customers, and the right future leads. Every brand and every customer has their own purpose, and it’s important to have an SEO strategy built around that.

A good Denver SEO expert collaborates with a business to understand an audience in order to rank in the best way and bring in quality leads.

SEO is a one-time service.
SEO is an ongoing process andnot a one-time service. Because SEO takes time and strategy, it must consistently be monitored and adjusted. Any time an SEO claims they can get a business to the top of Google with one “round” of SEO services, run for higher ground.

Why? Algorithms change, almost daily. Competition changes. Search engine rules change. Speeding up the process of SEO through “black hat” practices will only hurt a business in the end.

Understanding the real expectations of SEO is an important part of hiring a professional for Colorado SEO services. By having a little understanding of how SEO works, realistic expectations can be set.

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