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Social media for pop-up shops

Pop-up shops are quickly becoming an attractive and creative business venture. These temporary retail installations are designed to provide a creative and unique shopping experience for passerby consumers.

This $10 billion industry is quickly growing, especially within popular, young and millennial rich cities such as Denver. Just as food trucks have become a hit in citylife culture, pop-up shops are rapidly following suit.

If you’re one of the creative entrepreneurs starting your pop-up shop in Denver, social media marketing will be your saving grace. Trust us.


Pop-up shops are always on the move and your social media must compliment that. Maintaining a consistent level of location-based activity on your social platforms will be a key player in the success of your business.

Sharing your day-to-day operating location through geotagging and social tagging is quite possibly the most important tactic you can apply to your social media.

Think of it this way: you can’t get business if your audience doesn’t know where you are now and where you will be later.

Recently on Instagram we came across a new pop-up shop advertising a shopping event in Denver. A fantastic start! While their post was informative about the event, it only listed the name of the business it would be “popping-in” to.

We had two questions:

Who exactly is the business hosting their shopping event?
Where is the business located so we can shop? Time? Date?

Because their post lacked the basic information it needed to get us there, we skipped the event altogether.

The main takeaway:

Add a location tag to your posts. Make it simple for your audience to get where you are without having to leave the platform you’re advertising on.


It goes without saying. Pop-up shops are all about creating buzz to entice your customers. Fortunately, social media offers up the chance to make this relatively simple, especially when you hire a social marketing expert to manage it for you!

When developing a social media strategy for your shop, your audience needs a reason to visit your pop up shop. Online shopping is on the rise and easy to do. Use your social media platforms to show your audience an experience they can’t miss out on.

Ask yourself:

Why should my audience shop with us instead of from somewhere online?
What makes our current location and items unique?

Create buzz through Instagram stories, user-generated content, and influencers. When collaborating with the right people in the right ways, you’ll entice your audience to find you! Just as you utilize location tags to get your people in the door, using brand and influencer tags will get the right people in the “door”.

The main takeaway:

Give a reason for your audience to get off the couch.

Pop-up shops are a fun and unique concept that we’re excited to see grow! As online shopping increases and brick and mortar stores become less popular, this modern shopping experience is sure to take off.

With the right social media strategy, your business has the chance to increase your social following, obtain a quality audience that converts to customers.

Does your pop-up shop need help with social media marketing?

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