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Some Key Aspects To Developing A Mobile Application

Mobile platform-compatible applications have become an increasingly important part of our lives, both professional and personal. Think about it: We use them to play games and relax in our free time, organize our personal and professional lives and expenses, track the success indicators for our business, grow professionally and personally, and so much more.

There are a few key aspects to develop a mobile application from scratch:

Have The Right Team On Board

Think for a second. Do you think Apple, Samsung, or even Google got to where they are right now without some brilliant and intelligent minds on board?

Get the right graphic designers, mobile and web developers, marketers, and other professionals on board by using Google’s 4 rules for finding the best talent.  

Do Your Market Research

There are millions of apps out there, you just need to decide which ones your company is competing against. Knowing your customers first, will help you provide them an app that they will use.

One way to get insight directly from your customers is by using a survey. You will then spend time scouring Google Play and Apple’s App stores to see which ones of the millions of apps you can base yours on.

If you’re publishing your mobile app on both of the stores and making some features paid, you need to ask people what they’ll be willing to pay for, or are they willing to pay for the app outright? This may depend on the given nature of the app.

Since there are more than a billion apps on both stores combined, it isn’t likely that your app will be completely unique. Creating that perceived uniqueness is the responsibility of your marketing team.

Talk To “Customers”

The reason the word “customers” is in quotations is that they can be anyone’s customers. This is because there could be people from everywhere using your app if you publish it on Google’s Play Store or Apple’s App Store or in both stores.

However, if you’re developing it for a unique set of customers and publishing independently, that’s a completely different story.

Be sure to ask potential customers of the difficulties and problems they face when using similar apps. The app might lose the data because of the lack of synchronization when you reinstall it on another device or have major glitches. Bugs and difficulties like that will be of crucial importance.

Determine What Model Your Mobile App Will Follow

There are some various models for making money through apps.

  • The completely free, with ads model - You can have it completely free and have (often intrusive) ads displayed while the users are using the app.

  • Free, but includes in-app purchases - You can have it free to download and install, but your users have to pay for some in app purchases.

  • Paid app - You can ask for outright payment for the app.

The approach that will benefit your organization best and give the best experience should also tie in with the budget that you have for developing the app. How quickly can you recover your costs? These are some of the questions that you need to ask and answer before you begin building your mobile application.

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