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What is on-page SEO?

What is on-page SEO?

Enough is enough. As a business owner or decision maker, you might have read 50 or less blogs on SEO and gone down the rabbit hole. What are keywords? What is SEO exactly? What is white hat or black hat? And what the heck is on-page and off-page? 

We know, it is overwhelming. This is why it is imperative to have a Denver SEO company handle all of your business’s SEO strategies. Our experts handle it all, from the research all the way to monitoring your pages. 

This is what on-page SEO is and the notions considered with on-page strategies. 

What is on-page SEO? 

On-page SEO in a nutshell deals with optimizing all of your website’s content. When a Denver SEO Company handles a business’s SEO strategies, on-page SEO is a critical factor in helping this website to rank. If the content on the website is not optimized correctly for search engines then the content is just content. 

A website that is ranking in Google is optimized not only on the on-page end but on the off-page side as well. (We will discuss off-page next week!) A website needs custom quality content, great backlinks and relevant content; without these three notions and SEO strategies, there is a chance that this website might not ever rank! 

As the leading Denver SEO company, these are the elements of on-page SEO that our SEO experts handles both on a daily basis to month to month basis. 

What is considered on-page? 

Keyword research and analysis

Here we go again, talking about those dang keywords. At Denver Media Group, this will always be the topic of conversation when speaking about SEO strategies. Our Denver SEO company use keywords to optimize a website’s content for search engine purposes from the about us to the daily or weekly blogs that are published. 

These keywords are researched and analyzed by leading SEO experts to find the best keywords in your industry to rank for and how to optimize this content. Once the content is optimized, there needs to be some tags and descriptions happening behind the scenes. 

Meta tags and descriptions

First things first, meta tags are also known as title tags. These title tags appear in the title of the content published to a search engine.  This title tag defines the website content or page that is being crawled and indexed by Google. It is imperative to keep them short, simple and not to DUPLICATE these tags. 

Next thing,  there is meta descriptions. This is the description you see underneath a title that helps to give context to the website, page or blog. If we search “Search Engine Optimization strategies,” what comes up? There are PPC ads, and websites that are ranking on the first page with a description underneath, this is a meta description. 

If one is not added, Google will pull the first 50-60 words and use this as a meta description. 


An ugly, long and just terrible to read URL is not going to help ranking. This is the hierarchy of SEO. Yes, the page is optimized, but if your URL looks like this “” forget about Google crawling this. This is where our SEO experts and our website development team work together to make sure that all URLs are simple, crawlable and follow Google’s guidelines. 

Content optimization

Our Denver SEO company handles optimizing content for clients. This optimized content deals with website content being optimized with the right keywords and being long enough for Google search engine, but this also takes into consideration of blogging. 

If Google notices that consumers are constantly clicking on your blog and immediately clicking the back button that this page is not ranking for a relevant category or industry. This will state to affect the overall ranking of the page and it will start to fall. 

This is why it is imperative to have a digital marketer work on all of your content. 


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