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Denver SEO firm addresses SEO contests.

Denver SEO firm addresses SEO contests.

SEO contests are a thing. Yep, we’re surprised too. Perplexed even.

Now, to us, as a long time and trusted Denver SEO firm, the mere idea of an SEO contest seems, well…ridiculous. But alas, there are still people and businesses particking in the shenanigans.

What is an SEO contest?

SEO contests are a competitive way for agencies to try and compete for the highest ranking of a keyword. The winner typically earns money. It’s kind of like sitting in a rocking chair - it gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you anywhere.

For a Denver SEO firm like us, we understand the concept. It’s a way for a business to flex their muscles and go on an “Amazing Race” of sorts. But does it get you anywhere? No. Can it make your business a tiny bit richer? We suppose (if your luck was right) - but so can doing a good job for your clients.

SEO is a long process. Ranking for keywords and optimizing a website takes time. And it should. As with most things, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. SEO is no exception.

While we get the “fun” of manipulating search engines in a rapid manner to win an SEO contest for cold, hard cash, because let’s be honest, contests are fun. We just don’t feel confident in a contest that has potential to utilize some unethical practices.

How does SEO really work?

SEO takes time. Good SEO that is.

SEO is a digital marketing tactic implemented to a website aimed at organically bringing in more, quality traffic. A higher quantity of quality traffic provides more promising business leads, more page views and longer sessions on your website. All good things in the eyes of Google!

Good SEO strategies show Google that you’re playing by the rules as a webmaster! We believe the best marketing firms in Denver would agree with us - we’d rather have Google be happy with us than win an SEO contest that doesn’t benefit our clients in any way. But that’s just us.

As we’ve mentioned, our Denver SEO firm likes to take our sweet time (in a good way) with SEO, because that’s just how good SEO works. Unfortunately there is no concrete answer as to how long it takes for a website to boost it’s rankings. We can only tell you it won’t happen overnight.

SEO rankings are measured in hundreds, if not thousands of ways. It’s important to remember that Google isn’t only working to rank your website, but your competitors, the competitors of your competitors, plus billions of others. However, with a well thought out strategy by the best marketing firms in Denver, your business can, in time, work its way up the ranking later! And when it gets there, it will be so worth the hard work.

So, for us, we’d rather dedicate our time to spending time on the clients we worked so hard to get. Through trust, community and our ethical practices we’ve built a pretty solid business over here.

What do you think of SEO contests? Fun, time waster or worth it? We’d love to hear from you!

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