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Denver SEO: The Secret Sauce.

Denver SEO: The Secret Sauce.

Businesses of all sizes can benefit from digital marketing in Denver, SEO in particular. Regardless of how long a business has been in operation, it’s imperative for their success by being visible online.

With Google processing over 63,000 searches per second and maintaining over ninety percent of the search engine market, it’s safe to say that for businesses in Denver, SEO needs to be a top priority.

What is SEO?

SEO (search engine optimization) is the marketing strategy implemented to increase organic traffic to a website. Not only is the goal to increase the volume of organic traffic driven to a website, but to increase the quality of traffic as well.

There are a variety of technological and marketing practices that must be implemented to affect the volume and quality of traffic a website. Because of this, SEO services take time! Between monitoring competition, site health, content management and keyword rankings, there are several pieces to the puzzle! They must all work synonymously to achieve the most optimal results.

Fortunately for the businesses we serve in Denver, SEO is our specialty.

The “secret sauce” to SEO

While boosting the SEO of a business is an extensive, in-depth process, there are a few extra things a business can do to give their rankings some “secret sauce”. While we can’t directly predict how much these little secrets can boost rankings, we can say that Google favors what is helpful to the end-user. And these three secrets - they’re certainly helpful!

1. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are not just for Yelp! Eighty-eight percent of consumers state they trust online reviews as much as they would a personal recommendation.

Reviews are far more impactful to a business than they might expect. A fellow SEO expert, Darren Shaw of Whitespark released findings from a 2018 study on Google Local Rankings, claiming business reviews accounted for over fifteen percent of how a local business is ranked.

Not only are businesses finding that customer reviews are boosting their web traffic, responding to the reviews is as well! Why? Because it builds rapport and loyalty with the customer. All things Google loves.

2. User-generated content

We love user-generated content! And so does Google! As we mentioned, consumers put a significant amount of trust in the reviews of customers. User-generated content provides another level of social proof of their experience with a business.

User-generated content is best described as any form of content created by a consumer, available for other consumers to view. This can be in the form of video, blog posts, online discussions, photographs and audio.

With the combination of customer reviews and user-generated content, a level of trust is built, thus, booting the organic traffic to a website.

3. Footer links

The footer of a website operates as a second navigation menu. When utilizing this portion of a website for important pages a business hopes to rank for, it becomes a non-intrusive place for internal links.

It’s important to note, however, that footers should be reserved for internal links only. In the past, Google penalized external links within a footer, however, that has since changed. Good doesn’t necessarily devalue them anymore, they simply aren’t given any weight in the realm of SEO benefits.

For businesses in Denver, SEO is swiftly becoming a priority. By leveraging every tool a business and professional SEO expert can, there is a greater chance for increasing organic SEO traffic. Has your business considered implementing these three secrets into its marketing plan? It might be time to consider it!

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