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Signs you need a Denver digital marketing agency - Pt. 1

Signs you need a Denver digital marketing agency - Pt. 1

Truth be told, we could give you a million reasons why your business needs to hire a Denver digital marketing agency. It’s our passion! Not only is digital marketing the best way to cater to a modern-day audience, it’s an affordable way to reach them.

Regardless if you’re managing a brand new startup company or you’ve been in charge of a legacy brand in Denver, digital marketing is where it’s at. Consumers of all ages are utilizing modern media in some way, shape or form - so it simply makes sense to share your business where they are.

It’s not uncommon, however, for businesses to assume digital marketing is a DIY job. With everyday consumers having free, personal access to social media, email and WordPress accounts, it’s easy to discount the true value of professional digital marketing.

Does a business need extensive tools and marketing funnels to send an email or post on social media? Technically no. The internet is as accessible as ever and we’re realistic people.

However, hiring a Denver digital marketing agency is so much more than posting on your Facebook account or naming your website images appropriately. That’s the easy part! Digital marketing is about data-driven objectives, assessing your audience, understanding how consumers shop, understanding why they shop, finding where they access information and what they do with it.

It’s important for a business to understand that for every post on social media - for every search that takes place on Google - there’s extensive research, data and intent that goes behind it. When hiring a digital marketing agency, you’re not just hiring a person to take a task off your plate. You’re hiring a team of experts passionate about brand awareness, reputation, results and expanding your territory online.

Why hire a Denver digital marketing agency?

Because you have competition.
Because there are
5.6 billion Google searches a day.
Because an agency knows how to get the most out of a campaign.
Because websites, email campaigns, PPC, SEO and social media must all work together in different ways - and you just don’t have time for that.

For us, we’re lucky to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes with different objectives. The common thread between all of them? They’re grateful to have time to do what they do best - run their business. All because they let us do what we do best - digital marketing.

Instead of spending money on employee on-boarding, contract an outside professional. Instead of spending time learning the ropes of social media or email campaigns, hire a team that already has the knowledge base. Instead of stressing about the lack of time you have for digital marketing, seek out an expert that only has dedicated time for it.

An expert digital marketing agency is kind of like a sandwich. Always better when someone else makes it.

Are you on the fence about hiring a digital marketing agency? If you’ve ever stressed about SEO, lead generation, social media or email marketing, we have some things for you to consider. Stick around for Wednesday when we give you all the reasons you need to hire a Denver digital marketing agency.

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