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Why your website isn’t generating any leads

Have you been really frustrated that your website isn’t generating the leads you think it should? There are a few things that might be to blame. Your website is not only the face of your company, it needs to be a significant marketing tool that brings customers in.

Here are a few reasons your website isn’t generating leads:

You have no clear call to action.

Never assume your website visitors know “what to do next”. A clear call to action encourages your users to do something. Be it visiting another page, downloading information, booking a session, sending contact info, etc.

A good call to action is easy to see and conveys exactly what your user needs to do.

You’re not offering your users anything.

A good business is a helpful business.

If your content isn’t informational, helpful, educational or entertaining in any way, don’t expect many leads. Not only does Google favor quality content, humans do too.

Future customers want to know the business or products they’re researching are of good value, trustworthy, and experienced.

How do you know if your content is up to snuff? Put together a small focus group of trusted, honest friends. Ask them for their input on your content!

Your website isn’t human enough.

Plain and simple, humans relate to humans. Does your website only use stock photos? Does your content showcase the team members of your business?

While deciphering the best way to humanize your brand can be difficult, it truly can make a huge difference in the lead generation you get (or not get). If putting the real faces of your brand isn’t in the cards, consider using client testimonials or other user-generated content.

Bringing a real human element to your website ensures that a real person, somewhere, is trusted within your company.

You don’t have a blog.

Friends! You need a blog on your website! Regardless of the industry you serve, blogs are a must-have.

It’s a huge misconception that blogs are only for fashion gurus and food lovers. Sure, we love a good ski gear review and crockpot recipe, but a blog can do everything from spread news about your business to educating your customers on different products.

Having a “boring business” is no excuse! Every business has an audience. You just have to find the right information to bring them!

Moreover, a blog is the easiest way to rub elbows with Google’s search algorithm.

Generating leads from your website is a hearty task that can be accomplished through assessment, research, trial and error. When working with a professional web developer, like us, obviously, we’ll work our tails off to ensure you’re set up for success!

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