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Determining your brand voice

Determining your brand voice

Monday we took a deep dive into determining the audience of a business. By having a specific, targeted audience, the best digital marketing companies in Denver can develop a truly intentional plan to reach the right people.

Once the audience of a business has been determined, the next step a digital expert, like us, must take is identifying the voice of a brand. Basically, if an audience is who a brand is talking to, voice is how they’re saying it.

What is brand voice?

Brand voice is how a marketing message is conveyed. It’s consistent among all platforms - online, in person, in traditional marketing. The voice of a brand familiarizes consumers with a business and essentially, showcases how it’s different from other competitors.

It’s important to recognize that regardless of industry or business, chances are there is another company doing and/or making the same thing. Brand voice is what makes a business stand out from the competition.

For example, let’s compare Athleta with Lululemon. Essentially, both companies sell the same thing - athletic wear. Their brand voice is what differentiates them and how they connect on an emotional level with their targeted audience.

Athleta’s voice is very earth-conscious, zen and purpose-driven.

They use key-phrases like:

  • “Sustainable fibers…progress and potential”
  • “Recycled and resilient”
  • “High-performance”

The audience Athleta is seeking out is likely very active outdoors, a little “granola”, and environmentally aware.

While Lululemon’s voice is very athletic, goal-driven and comfort-based.

They use key-phrases like:

  • “Own your workout”
  • “Seamless construction…maximizes comfort”
  • “Breath easy…training gear”

The audience Lululemon is seeking out is likely athletic, into high-intensity training, and on the go.

Again, they sell the same type of product, their voice is what makes them appeal to different audiences.

How to determine brand voice?

Determining the voice of a business is a favorite tasks for our team here in Denver. Digital marketing, for us, is all about becoming an “extension of your business”. Each business strategy we create allows our team members to morph into new “characters” each week.

At Denver Media Group, we like to think of brand voice as a character we build that knows the perfect way to communicate to an audience. If a business was condensed into one person attending a dinner party, how would they act? What would they say? What words would they use? What words would they avoid?

It’s important to understand that, like everyday people, even the best digital marketing companies in Denver interpret characteristics differently. Just as “funny” means different things to different people, it’s crucial for businesses to be as specific as possible when identifying the voice being conveyed.

While “be creative” is a generous permission to give a digital marketing team, it’s truly subjective and too broad to get a grip on.

Here are five ways to help determine the voice of a business.

1. Company values
Does the business value the environment or other social issues? Does the company participate in the community and giving back?

2. The why
Remember, people don’t buy what a business does, they buy why the business does it. Does the business aim to provoke people, engage with them or inspire them?

3. The who
Thinking back to a business being wrapped up into one person at a dinner party. What would they wear, talk about, laugh at? Are they an outgoing person, super intelligent, or a Steve Martin kind of funny?

4. The tone
The tone of a business voice brings out it’s personality. Is the tone witty, sarcastic, or neighborly like Mr. Rogers?

5. The language
Considering the audience a business is marketing towards, what kind of language would be used to appeal to them?
Jargon, slang, formal words or acronyms? Will the audience relate to the words being said?

Understanding brand voice is an imperative part of strategy-building for digital marketing companies in Denver. With a good imagination and thinking outside the box, a good and consistent brand voice can be identified.

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