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Do Google Reviews affect SEO?

There are several factors that come into play when improving a business’ SEO ranking. Everything from fresh content, file-naming, metadata, keywords and a plethora of technical jargon. But what about Google Reviews?

Do Google Reviews affect your search engine ranking?

Yes. Reviews matter. Not only because they show your potential customers the great work and products you provide, but you show Google that you’re a trusted business on the internet.

Local businesses should especially be paying attention to reviews on Google. In fact, Google Business reviews that contain your searched-for keyword was the second-most influential factor in the “Local Pack” of search results in Google.

Reviews matter primarily because Google “trusts” a business page’s customer more than they trust your business. When a website receives a customer review of any kind, this information tells Google that your business is real, open and can help customers in the future.

Additionally, reviews generated on your Google My Business page, Google considers that as fresh content. And Google loves fresh content. This fresh content leads search engines to understand your business.

All the while, it’s no mystery customers love reviews. Reviews equal trust. Trust entices website clicks. When trusted links are selected in Google, the search engine rewards your site with better rankings as they assume you’re doing something right.

Do Facebook Reviews affect your search engine ranking?

While social media isn’t a direct search engine ranking factor, it does affect your your web presence, brand recognition, and distribution of content.

Sixty-eight percent of consumer engage in social platform reviews, like Facebook, when researching a product or service. Though the primary purpose of social media use is to in touch with family and friends, their influence via reviews, recommendations, etc is a driving force to any business.

Facebook lends a multitude of ways to rate a businesses services. Nearly everything on Facebook can count as positive or negative reviews. Be it a customers comment, location check-in, someone sharing their experience, a new employee updating their profile, tagging or geotagging your business in their photos.

Because of this, Facebook is an extremely valuable tool, but also goes to show that customer service is everything.

How do you get reviews?

First, do good business. When you’re offering quality goods and services, consumers will be excited to leave your business a good review.

Ask for reviews.

We have found that happy customers are excited to help the brands and businesses they enjoy working with. Taking the opportunity to ask for a quick review after you’ve completed a job gives you greater odds of obtaining one. Seventy percent of consumers will leave a business review if asked.

Make it simple.

Making it simple to leave a review will increase the probability of your business receiving one. The easier your review process is, the more reviews you’ll see.

Did you know Google can generate a review link for you? This might be the most important link you create. This link directly sends your customers to your business pages review site. A good idea would be to share this link with a humble, “leave us a review” message.

Google Reviews are an important piece of the SEO puzzle. With the holidays approaching, now would be a good time to start implementing an easy process to obtain reviews as your products are purchased and other services are used.

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