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Ways a Colorado SEO company can help your business.

Ways a Colorado SEO company can help your business.

SEO is an organic, non-paid marketing tactic used to increase website traffic. To accomplish an increase in traffic, a Colorado SEO company must implement keyword, link, content and technical strategies to earn higher rankings.

Denver Media Group is recognized as one of the best Colorado SEO pros thanks to our attention to detail, technical knowledge and dedication to making our clients grow!

Ways that a Colorado SEO company can help your business?

Primary web traffic.

More often than not, organic traffic is the primary source of your website traffic. As it should be! A good SEO strategy plays a massive part in this. Colorado SEO pros will take the time to research the necessary keywords your business must utilize to aid in higher search rankings.

Why does organic traffic matter? Mainly, organic traffic offers a better chance at quality leads. Quality leads remain on your website longer, are more likely to become a customer and return later on.

Good user experience.

There’s nothing more valuable than a customer’s experience on your website. A good Colorado SEO company works to increase your website traffic, but also ensures the users can easily navigate your website when they get there.

What constitutes a good user experience? Customers, more often than not, know what they’re looking for when they’re headed to a website. If the user has a difficult time finding what they want, they’ll move on to another website in no time! A good, user-friendly website is complimented by an excellent SEO strategy.

Local search.

Colorado SEO pros understand the importance of local search. While organic results are important within mainstream search engines, they’re just as important within sites like Yelp, Angie’s List and Foursquare.

Why is local search important? Forty-six percent of all searches are done with the intent of finding a business or product locally. As nice as it is to rank with for a search query like “how to make donuts”, it’s important to rank for key phrases with a purchasing intent like, “donuts near me”.


One of the greatest benefits of a Colorado SEO company like ours is having constant industry updates. SEO is an ever-evolving practice with algorithm updates and best practices. Having a pro in your corner to monitor and apply the changes to your strategy is an investment well spent.

How important are algorithm updates, really? While many Google algorithm updates are small and simple, some can be quite technical to undergo. As we all know, small tasks add up in the long run. If too many updates go unapplied, your website might be too far behind to make a comeback.

All in all, SEO is paramount to your organic website traffic. When combining quality traffic with an excellent user experience, your website can easily turn into one of the most lucrative ways to generate revenue for your business.

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